Asel Sustainability


We use sustainable energy systems in our facilities. There is a production strategy to put the savings in central location. We prefer energy-saving materials in every process of our production. We suggest our employees using public transportation services ensured by our company.
  • Waste Management
  • Air Emissions
  • Chemical Materials Management


We care about the compliance with sustainability standards of decisions taken by corporation which are related to the design and use of office. We don’t carry out unnecessary use about either paper or digital equipment due to the environmental concerns.

Our Sustainability Strategies

We are conscious of that the current speed of the ever-increasing world population will destroy the existence of our natural resources in the future. In this context, we claim that every vital process is used as future-oriented from production to consumption.

Message from President

Asel Expo that is among the leader companies of fair sector in its country and other countries it serves, get its strength and energy from its imagery which it places in future, continues working to reach.

We believe that communities, get its strength from its imaginery, will take out staffs which will build the future from inside them. As Asel Expo, we are conscious of that determination to work and our projects that we create contribute to both our company and geographies that we serve.

We include the world that we live together with our company at the route we draw to the future . We foster the same sense of responsibility that we foster to our mothers for their giving birth to us, our fathers for their growing us, to the world for carrying us on it. Consequently, we continue on our way by caring about sustainable life projects.

Our company lists “Sustainability” principles like this,

All “entities” which we breathe the same air together are important in the world that we live inside.

  • • We evaluate both environment policy and human policy under the title ‘Entity ‘.
  • • We describe the environment as “apple of the future’s eye” and care it because of this.

At every stage of life 'Quality of life' is indispensable.

  • We support all projects that improve the quality of life,
  • We make the quality of product environmental by using recycable systems in production.

We see Use of Time as central value for a more efficient life.

  • We produce more products in a short time by applying use of time to production. So we can carry out our projects which weren’t done due to time constraints.

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